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Prohunter has over the years invested heavily in the the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our products are the best that they can be. From rapid prototyping, CAD and 3D Printing to specialized UV Cures for our unique finishes. But we are a firm believer in the art of old world artisanship when it comes to crafting our products. We have employees here that have honed their art with us for over 30 years and as a result are some of the best in their fields. There are many 'black art' skills in this industry and we pioneered many of them. From formulating the optimum plastics media for lure bodies to curing exotic coatings that many of our competitors try to emulate but cannot duplicate.


Prohunter started with the passion of our founder Salmon. An obsessed person as any fisherman could be. He was always looking for that perfect lure, rod or reel and could never find one that suited his needs. Over 30 years ago he decided to design and build his own lures. He learned everything from the ground up. Soon many heard about the success of his lures and the rest is history. Salmon never stopped learning and training his crew and was always the first and last person at work everyday. His passion and experience was well known in the industry and he became the go-to guy when other companies had design or manufacturing problems.


We are only as good as our products and the success of our customers. If they succeed, that is the only testament that we have done our jobs right. We always work closely with all our customers to develop products that are applicable to their unique markets. Using our design and manufacturing experience combined with passion and need, we are often able to come up with new and innovative products that their customers love and catch fish with consistently. We don't seek to be the biggest, just the best.

Prohunter Trademarked Countries


The Prohunter Brand and its other sister brands are trademarked in the following countries since 1995. It pre-dates all other similar trademarks and is therefore protected under common law with prior usage. So if you're a dealer or distributor, you can be assured that the brands you represent are protected under international common law.


Prohunter over the years has launched numerous products that are curated into brand families to cater for product groups as well as for regional distribution.  Each have proven successful in their own right.

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